Candidate Expectation

Pursuing new opportunities to advance your professional career is a serious, confidential business. As a Human Solutions Group candidate you should expect the following:

  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Professionalism and Integrity
  • Progress Updates
  • Consistency

Confidentiality & Privacy

At Human Solutions Group we understand why you are speaking with us and really listen to you and offer constructive advise for your career development. Our recruitment consultants are amongst the most experienced in their fields of expertise.

HSG complies with all Legal and Legislative requirements in all aspects of Business ethics.

To safeguard your confidentiality, HSG will:

  • Not discuss your potential candidacy with anyone without your authorisation
  • Require our clients to completely safeguard your confidentiality
  • Not contact references provided by you without your explicit permission

It is important to understand that you do not become a candidate until HSG has conducted a face-to-face interview/ initial evaluation of your suitability of the position you have expressed an interest in.

During your first conversation you are still being evaluated as a potential candidate for the position, we are under no obligation to divulge confidential information about the position or the client. Only after you have been identified as a potential candidate can you expect us to disclose more than just the most basic information. This will include:

  • Pertinent information regarding the client organisation
  • The nature and requirements of the position
  • The compensation package

To view our Privacy Statement, please click here.

Professionalism & Integrity

At Human Solutions Group, we pride ourselves on our Professionalism. We will:

  • Clearly understanding the position you are meeting us about
  • Conduct a well organised, thought-out and structured interview
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the current market and our clients requirements
  • Answer all your questions in an honest and forthright manner based on the information provided to us
  • Based on our understanding of the position and our client’s needs, we will give you an honest appraisal of where your background meets the requirements for the opportunity and where it does not
  • Provide you with a consultative approach and advice to finding the best role in the best organisation that matches your requirements and skill set.

Regular Progress Updates

As a candidate, you are entitled to know what to expect as the search process unfolds. At HSG, we will communicate with you in a timely manner at every step of the process. This means proactively updating you on the progress as well as responding in a timely manner to any inquiries initiated by you. If at any point of the process the client decides not to proceed with your candidacy, we will provide as complete an explanation of the client’s decision as possible.


Human Solutions Group and our client will always do our best to provide clear and consistent detail in terms of the information that gets presented to you. However, while we represent our client’s organisation, we do not have complete control over the client’s communication with you during the interviews. If changes occur that contradict the information given to you by us please seek immediate clarification.