Succession Planning

Human Solutions Group is recognised as a succession planning talent partner of choice with customers across the venture capital, family office, professional services and high net worth markets. Human Solutions Group works with our clients to review, plan and consolidate the staffing function of organisations to help them achieve overall commercial success and ideal staffing solutions. Human Solutions Group builds its relationships with its clients by understanding their entire operations and aligning talent accordingly. Unlike our clients, we are 100% in the employment market, 100% of the time.

Human Solutions Group see some of the key factors driving companies to rethink the structure and composition of their Executive Talent suite and to strengthen their processes for managing CEO and executive succession as follows:

  • Continuing disruption in traditional (outdated) business models
  • Increased regulatory and shareholder scrutiny on executive succession
  • The changing roles involved in business for succession planning. (Chief Data Officer etc.) new roles being created constantly
  • Transition or readiness¬†for sale owner replacing themselves.

To compete and succeed, companies need to develop executive talent and teams that can distinguish and take hold of strategic opportunities in constantly shifting conditions. Human Solutions Group believes that the management of recruitment and retention strategies for outstanding talent is paramount in increasingly competitive environments. Converting this management necessity into reality is our main service offering. However, the knowledge, business acumen and capabilities developed by Human Solutions Group can also be applied to related human capital fields.

Should you require any further information on Human Solutions Group business succession planning do not hesitate to contact Alex Wilcox on +61(02) 8248 9810 or email [email protected].